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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The weekend highlights December 2nd - 4th

Wow...I know that December is a busy time but trying to choose what to go to this year is head spinning as there are so many great events to pick from.  I feel like we are suffering from an abundance of riches!  I try to avoid overloading my beloved's with too many emails but December will make up for the summer months when I was ignoring you ;~).  I currently have a backlog of items to send out that have to wait until the partying stops!

For any event mentioned here, remember there are at least ten more on the calendar (800 - 1000 events per month).  If you are counting on my emails alone for all the social happenings, I sweetly suggest you peek at the Seattle Announcements Calendar.  I hope to see many of you out and about this weekend as I am going to be all over the place.

Here is a quick run down on some of the weekend's offerings and individual blog posts will follow:

On Friday:
Sylvia and Tor's Christmas Cabaret
Sistah Sinema & Gaymes Night - December
Black and White Ball
CSPC Winter Vendor Fair (see blog post)
Hot Flash Goes Black & Pink!/SgoL's...
Toys for Tarts
Ingersoll Snoball 2011(see blog post)

LADIES ONLY Charity Clothing Swap!

Rainbow Health Fair Planning Committ...  



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