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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Piercing Bible Author Elayne Angel in Seattle

If you have been considering getting a piercing you have the opportunity to be pierced by Master Piercer Elayne Angel through Sunday October 30th in Seattle.  I was so impressed with the information provided on Elayne Angel's website on piercing!  I am a fan of education and of providing excellent information on about any ole topic and Elayne does it in a variety of ways.  Most important to me was that she provides pictures so you can see a well placed piercing vs a botched piercing. 

I appreciated that you could read about piercing, look at pictures, see free videos, purchase piercing video clips (love a woman that can market herself!) and she explains how you can determine in the privacy of your home what kind of piercing may be right for your own body.  She specifically addresses ftm piercings in a sensitive and knowledgeable manner.  An added bonus was a responsible post about teenagers and piercing.  I am definitely a fan and look forward to hearing her during the Q&A at the Sexing the Transman Documentary event on Monday, Halloween!

Schedule your Piercings by Elayne Angel
October 27-30, 2011
Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor
5307 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Studio phone: 206.729.0200
From Noon-8:00pm

To book an appointment, use the contact page on her website or email her at:

Please tell her the date and approximate time of day you'd like to come in so that she can get you penciled in for a slot right away. Note that she is also taking appointments for piercing visits to other cities, so please clarify the location and preferred date.

 Thanks to Allena from CSPC for the tip off that Elayne was in town.


Hotflash Inferno rocks it for Saturday night Halloween Celebration

Hotflash Inferno is the place to be on Saturday evening to celebrate Halloween at Neighbours from 6pm-10pm.  I am meeting a group of friends at the dance which makes it all the more fun!  DJ dirtyKURTY who spins the music at the California Hotflash Inferno dances will be keeping us moving through the night!  Pauline is also offering prizes for those that love to dress up!  Ms T.

Most Original Costuming
Individual and Group
Groups must consist of 2-6 women depicting one theme.  We've had a group depicting tacky lawn ornaments in the past.  We've also had two women dressed as electrical outlet and plug.  Be original!


Special screening of Sexing the Transman XXX on Halloween

Join me on Halloween at CSPC for Buck Angel’s new film, Sexing the Transman XXX.  When I first saw this event in lovely Allena's News from the Director I did a little internet research on Buck and his wife, Elayne Angel  (see other post on Elayne) and was impressed with their candid information and sensitivity on trans issues.  I am looking forward to this event!  Ms T.

October 31, 2011
Main Space
Door Opens at 7:00pm, film starts at 8pm
$5 - $15 sliding scale
This is an FSPC event, CSPC discounts do not apply
 Buck Angel’s new film, Sexing the Transman XXX will have a special screening night at The Center and Foundation for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle on October 31, 2011 from 8-10pm. Buck’s wife, Elayne Angel, will be the host for the evening and will be available for a Q & A after the screening. Buck Angel will be in Copenhagen at the MIX LGBT festival screening a mainstream version of the same documentary.
The film, Sexing the Transman XXX, is an intimate audio-visual tour of FTM sexuality, including interviews and graphic video of a variety of transmen. It was conceived, filmed, and directed by Buck Angel, educator, advocate, and iconic figure in redefining gender, sexual fluidity, and individual expression of identity.
Buck Angel made history rising to prominence as a female-to-male transgender adult film star, and he has used his struggles and successes as a platform to help empower people of all types and encourage self-love and acceptance. This film is one way that he is educating about the unique perspectives of transmen and working toward greater understanding in the realms of gender and human sexuality.
For more information and to view a trailer of the film visit
To learn more about Buck Angel visit

Thanks to the lovely Allena's News from the Director CSPC for this information.


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