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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sex Change Hospital featuring Dr. Marci Bowers is transforming TV

Currently Sex Change Hospital, a six part series is playing ON Demand via Comcast (Discovery Fit & Health - Channel 222 in the Seattle area) and on several future dates during August.  Each 1 hour show tells the story of 2 individuals changing their gender from either male to female or female to male.  It features Dr. Marci Bowers a well known and beloved Seattle surgeon who relocated to Trinidad, Colorado to preform sex changes at the Mount San Rafael Hospital. 

Dr. Bowers has an amazingly personal and empathetic bedside manner I imagine in part due to her own experience with gender reassignment surgery over 10 years ago.  She has a strong medical background as an OB-GYN in surgical gynecology and has delivered over 3000 babies.  She relocated to Trinidad which has become known as the sex change capital of the world as so many gender reassignments are preformed there.

The town is amazingly supportive of the trans community that flocks to Trinidad for surgery originally under Dr. Stanley Biber who preformed his first male to female sex change in 1969.  Dr. Bowers took over his practice in 2003 when Dr. Biber retired.  Dr. Biber passed away at the age of 82 in 2006.     

I have a bit of melancholy as I watch these shows as I had the experience of going to Trinidad, supporting my then partner/future husband through gender reassignment surgery.  I walked those very halls, did the consults and got to know Marci (who I just love, love, love) over the course of many years.  It is a part of my life that changed my views in so many ways and made me an even stronger advocate for full gender equality.  Parts of my own identity changed and I understood things more fully than before I had this experience.  Ms T.



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