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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gender Neutral Restrooms

As we gain new members (WELCOME) and I continue to upgrade the site and add new features you may see a repost from time to time.  Gender Neutral Restrooms is being re-visited as I have added some new Safe to Pee spots.  The beauty is that this is self serve and you can read what you find enjoyable, relevant and ignore the items that aren't as interesting to you.  Remember, I ALWAYS want to hear from you as it helps me GROW as your Blog Mistress. 

Gender Neutral Restrooms
You will find approximately 40 local restrooms that offer some form of privacy for those that appreciate a gender neutral restroom choice (+/- Gender Neutral Restrooms under Resources). There are 41 restrooms listed on the Gender Neutral Restroom listed for the Seattle proper area via the website. This site is fabulous and any restroom anywhere can be entered to assist others find a gender neutral restroom.

To NOTE: pay attention to whether they are 'genderfree' or 'gendered' as both are listed. I have placed the notes AS they are on the 'safetopee' site with only minor spelling corrections. As I obtain location or information changes I will update the information. I have expanded their original list on Seattle Announcements by adding web addresses, phone numbers and removed those no longer in business or added new business information of the individual businesses when available.

I am also asking of our membership to participate in this endeavor and businesses with a single * at the beginning of the listing are added by our members! When you notice/find/hunt for a restroom that is a safe gender neutral restroom, please either plug it into or send it to me and I will update our site and the safe2pee site. I would like to expand our Seattle database and include outlying areas with my communities assistance! I will update any city/state. Thank you for your interest and participation!



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