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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Betty White on Saturday Night Live - 11:30 pm Channel 5

For those of us that think Facebook has no value, we can remember that Betty White will be on Saturday Night Live tonight due to a campaign started on Facebook.  Close to 500,000 people cast their desire for Betty to host and she acquiesced.  I think it so rocks that at 88 years old Betty is getting acknowledged while she is alive and can feel the love of her fans.  She has always delivered naughtiness in just the right way that she doesn't offend (I actually don't mind the offending but...).

I have enjoyed so many of her shows over the years.  It is NOT reality and for that I am grateful.  She has a new show beginning soon and I am thrilled that someone of her talent will be on TV again.  I will be watching.

Here's to Betty!  I will be watching her tonight and smiling as it feels good to know there are people like Betty in the world and people like us that care.


Seattle International Film Festival Schedule is online May 20th - June 13th

I doubt that on this incredible Saturday that you stayed inside to read the official 2010 SIFF Guide BUT I bet a cup of cava and an outdoor cafe is the perfect place to enjoy this free guide that is online as of today.  We already know Ms T loves free for me and free for you!  The entire festival schedule is available for you to browse and it has so much information in it you may need to go to 2 or 3 cafe's.

You will find in the SIFF Guide:

  • The Full schedule starting May 20th - June 13th
  • Descriptions of all films
  • Previews of all the special event
  • What is SIFF thinking?
Pick the films that you can't stand not seeing, the ones you know you will love to see and the ones you don't want to miss.  Ok, so...I want to see many of them already and can't decide.  I am not one to believe what the critics say (if I want to see a film, no paid talking head will deter ME) but I do think it is a great idea to take a peek at the upcoming press about this fab film fest.

At the SIFF official website you can download an iPhone app or follow on twitter @siffnews.  Look for the previews, reviews and the entertainment blogs to hear all about SIFF.  For the guide you can see it online or pick it up at the SIFF Box office.

SIFF Cinema is located in the Nesholm Family Lecture Hall on the lower level of Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Center. The main entrance is directly below the skybridge from the Mercer garage at the Corner of 3rd Avenue North and Mercer Street. In addition to the Mercer garage, parking is available on the street (metered and zoned) or in adjacent pay parking lots and garages.

More to come...


Gay skate is on Wednesday the 12th - Fun for the whole bunch -

Gay Skate is Wednesday the 12th.  It is a great community social event that you can bring the entire family to.  Any age is welcome to fall down while your family and friends take pictures and post them on facebook - lol (I wish I was kidding).

Cost:  $8.00 at the door, $5 under 18 yrs.
Regular Skate Rentals: Free
Inline Skate Rental $4.00 or bring your own skates
Gay Skate - $8.00 at door, $5 under 18 yrs., Inline skates $4

2301 140th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA


15th Anniversary of Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk May 14th and 15th

We have such a rich community of Art Walks in our communities.  This next week the Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk will be on Friday/Saturday May 14- 15th and will be celebrating fifteen years along Greenwood and Phinney Avenues on Friday evening, May 14, from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 15, from noon to 5:00 p.m.

Pop into the arts community and enjoy this great neighborhood event.  For more details, check the ArtWalk website at


Friday, May 7, 2010

Treat yourself to 'Motion Mysteries' by Meredith (Marni) Jenkins at Georgetown Art Attack

Inspiration arrives in many forms and Meredith (Marni) Jenkins's will delight and inspire audiences with her artist flexibility, true talent and vision that she will share at her One Day Only Showing of 'Motion Mysteries’ at Georgetown's Art Attack this Saturday.  In 2009, Marni took an artistic leap and as Jami Sieber played the electric cello and dancers from the Equus Project danced with horses, she photographed what she saw and felt.  The strength of the horses in motion, captured next to the equally graceful athletic beauty of the dancers is breathtaking and Marni captured amazing beauty in motion.   

As with most art, you must see it to appreciate it and this is no exception.  Clear some time on Saturday and come celebrate what Marni has created.  After 7:30 pm Jami Sieber will be performing at the Collette Collins Design Studio.  This will be an event that is talked about long after the day is over.  Marni has taken great care in creating mixed media scrolls of photographs and mounting them on specially selected hand made paper.  She is thoughtful throughout all parts of the artistic process with a keen eye and it shows in her finished product.  

'Motion Mysteries' by Meredith (Marni) Jenkins
Collette Collins Design Studio
6355 6th Avenue South
Seattle, WA  98108
Georgetown ART ATTACK May 8th
11am until 9 pm
 Jami Sieber preforming after 7:30 pm
Marni has made photographs for the last 35+ years, developing black and white, color, applying airbrush dyes directly onto continuous tone photographs, and now, producing digital work. She has studied with Bret Weston, Judy Dater, Joan Byron (JEB), and Bernard Freemeisser. She is one of the founders and art editor of CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women.  Her web site,, will be available for viewing soon.


Jami Sieber - Electric & Acoustic Cello Player, Vocalist - Saturday at Collette Design Studio

Jami Sieber will be performing at the Collette Collins Design Studio around 7:30pm at Saturday's Gerorgetown ART ATTACK.  This will be a reunion of a project that Jami and talented photographer Meredith "Marni" Jenkins collaborated on in 2009 with the Equus Project.  Jami is an amazing Electric & Acoustic Cellist, Vocalist and Composer.  Her depth as a performer is only matched by her life-long commitment to the environment and matters of social justice.  She believes in the interconnectedness of all beings and has a rich history of supporting causes that are near and dear to her heart. 

In 2009, Jami Sieber played her electric cello and horses moved and the dancers danced as part of the Equus Project.  Meredith "Marni" Jenkins, an experienced photograph in many mediums, took amazing pictures that will be on display at Collette Collins Design Studio during ART ATTACK.  Stop by if you can and check out the fabulous photographs mounted on selected hand made paper which will be on display from 11am until 9 pm.  Make sure you are there around 7:30 pm and enjoy the pleasure of listening to Jami - it will indeed make your weekend.  Ms T.

Jami Sieber
Saturday, May 8th 7:30 pm
11 am until 9 pm
Motion Mysteries

Collette Collins Design Studio
6355 6th Avenue South
Seattle, WA  98108
Meredith 'Marni' Jenkins
Soon to be launched: 


Collabration of Artists creates mixed media sensation

In 2009, Jami Sieber, played her electric cello while horses moved with the dancers from the Equus Project. Meredith "Marni" Jenkins took photographs and has produced several series of photographs from this moving performance.

The Equus Projects is home to Dancing With Horses, a dance company that partners dancers with horses and their riders.  The goal is to merge the artistry of dance and riding into work that combines physicality with theatrical image. The Equus Projects partners professional dancers with horses and their riders to create site-specific performance works that merge the artistry of dance with the athletics of equestrianism. The company creates works for arts and equine venues that are virtuosic and diverse, and exchanges dance and equestrian pedagogy with members of each field, to establish an interdisciplinary performance language.
Jami and Marni will be together at the Georgetown ART ATTACK this Saturday.  Marni will be showing her photographs of this cutting edge event and Jami will be performing starting around 7:30 pm.  Join them for this special event.

Motion Mysteries
Photography showing by Meredith 'Marni' Jenkins
May 8th, 11 am until 9 pm
Performance by Jami Sieber
7:30 pm
Collette Collins Design Studio
6355 6th Ave. South
Seattle, WA  98108


Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival is May 8th

The 5th Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival is May 8th is unlike most film festivals you may attend. 
I tried to list the films but could not get the &%#$ pdf to work so if you are interested, go to and you can find at at the details.  There are multiple locations that the films are showing at and are ongoing all day.

Georgetown is the place to be Saturday with the Art Attack, Marni's art showing and this film festival.  This should be a great day to enjoy the neighborhood. Ms T.  

The Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival began in 2006 when local artists asked their neighbors if they would be interested in learning to make super 8 films with the intention of sharing one with their community. A registration form and poster were distributed throughout the neighborhood and participants were asked to only pay for their film and processing. Scholarship rolls were given to youth participants and need-based registrants. Registered filmmakers attended a one-night crash course in super 8 filmmaking; signed up to check out a GS8 camera; and were provided assistance throughout the process. Each participant submitted one un-edited 3-minute roll of super 8 film and the option of including a soundtrack or live music.

The enthusiasm was overwhelming and 33 films were made and screened at a local event facility to an audience of 200. This event continues to grow each year with 37 films submitted in 2007 and 46 films completed in 2008. Last year’s film screening night was held in a warehouse of the Rainier Cold Storage facility to approximately 500 people in attendance and GS8 2009 is expected to have even greater participation.


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