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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Need 14 to 25 yo input of LGBT families - please read

This is an opportunity for 14 to 25 year olds that have been raised within LGBT families for their voices to be heard and their experiences to be counted.  If you know of anyone, please pass this on.  In the past these types of surveys have been used to authenticate that children raised in LGBT homes are as balanced as those in their hetero counterparts to mention just one such study that was useful that I remember hearing of.

I know that I worried before I had a child about how the world was going to treat her/him because of the family she would be born to.  Over the years she did experience painful situations that I wanted to rescue her from many times as kids can be so cruel and she did not seem to initially handle it well.  In time though she found her own way and has become an amazing advocate for her 'Gays' at her high school.  She participates in the 'Day of Silence' and has rallied her friends for a number of gay activist events.  She is in a Gay/Straight Chorus (yes, that makes a queer mom proud).

She has become an amazingly compassionate, kind, level headed young woman who does not understand why people judge each other for such stupid things as sexual orientation, gender or race.  Her experiences have made her much stronger within herself and she loves the richness of her life and experiences.  At her school events her family takes up more room than most of any of her classmates guests.  She calls us the lesbian Brady bunch (god, I hope I'm not Alice?) with a smile and a roll of the eyes.  Ms T

Perspectives on Marriage Equality: Listening to the (Missing) Voices
of Youth/Young Adults with Lesbian and Gay Parents

We are looking for participants for a project exploring the
perspectives of adolescents and young adults with lesbian and gay
parents. This study will recruit individuals between the age of 14 and
25 who have lesbian and gay parents, in an effort to gain their
perspectives on marriage equality.

We are interested in recruiting participants from various backgrounds/ family situations,
such as those whose parents have obtained civil unions, civil marriage, and domestic
partnerships, as well as those whose parents have been unable or
unwilling to obtain these types of partnership recognition. We are
interested in learning about how youth and young adults have been
impacted by marriage equality and marriage inequality, as well as
their general opinions on this topic.

If interested, please contact Abbie Goldberg, Ph.D., Professor of
Psychology at Clark University, or 508-793-7289.
Participants will complete confidential telephone
interviews (approximately 30 minutes to one hour) with Dr. Goldberg or
a trained graduate resident.


Butch/Transmasculine Get-together Sunday, March 14th

I wanted to send a gentle reminder to my butch/transmasculine members or their rockin women/bois/butches/allies to remind them that tomorrow is the wonderful event that Joe, a Seattle Announcements member has wrangled together to create some connecting time.  It is great that Joe has taken the time and energy to do this and if I could get away with being butch -- I would be there -lol.  I did try once...that's another story I will save until you can't remember to remind me about it.  Ms T

Butch/transmasculine get-together
Joining other butches for coffee and some bonding/discussion time.
Sunday, March 14, 2010
11:00am - 1:00pm 
Kaladi Brothers Coffee 
511 East Pike Street  
Seattle, WA

Joe put on the successful Butch Conference in Oakland last year.  Joe is a great support and enriches many communities not just the one's that Joe lives in.  Thanks!  Joe lives in Portland now and we are always happy to enjoy the benefits of a weekend visit. 

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Wanda Sykes Saturday on Fox at 11pm on Saturday's

If you like to be home on Saturday night all warm and snuggly, I have the perfect thing for you to do., this is going to be funny, not naughty!  It is extremely refreshing to have a comedian be OUT and talk openly about her wife and kids.  Plus, she is funnier than hell.  Wanda Sykes puts a spin on her family life that is downright foot-stomping funny that even the bigots would have to laugh.  For me, she is the equilant of making a non-church goer start tapping their foot in church to the music and then realize that HEY, they like that damn tune.  She just rocks it.

Out Comedian Wanda Sykes is taking over Saturday night.  She will comment on from her new twins, wife, combined with the news, politics, sports, and pop culture mixed with regular field pieces, comedy segments, and panel discussions.  She is a breath of fresh air to watch.  You can catch her on Saturday Nights on Fox at 11pm.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night's Tidbits

The Dunshee House would love to have women attend their Queer Alternative GaYme Night for ALL LGBTQ's.  It is FREE and tonight. 

Blues Dance Lessons at the Little Red Studio and if you haven't checked out the Little Red Bistro, do so.  It is fab!  They also really helped CSPC the last couple weeks and we LOVE them for that.

Tonight if you want to Dance, there is HeartBreak Hotel at Waids with DJs Joy/Lady Jane DJ 10pm-3am or Dance Queers Dance @ the Wildrose with DJ Amateur Youth starting at 9pm.  Check the Seattle Announcements Calendar for all weekend events.

This is short and sweet, more later.
Ms T


JUGRZ Women's Motorcycle Conference - May 15th - Just Us Girl RiderZ

  If you are a Biker Chic and you like to or want to learn to work 
on your own motorcycle this is the conference for you. 

JUGRZ Women's Motorcycle Conference $30
May 15th 2010 8:00am
Just Us Girl RiderZ  
It is a Conference for Women Bikers who wish to hone their wrenching skills, or to perhaps break into their own mechanic work for the first time. In this venue, women will feel invited to share and learn amongst fellow women riders from the Northwest and beyond. This first time ever-unique event will cover topics from basic repair to custom building.

     There will be opportunities to learn hands on, the use of tools & equipment and shop safety will be emphasized.  Given these tools, participants will gain the confidence and independence to work on their own motorcycles.
Thanks to for the information.
Any additional questions you can contact Corky Davis at

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Kanze Martial Arts - Bellingham - By Donation ONLY

 Kanze Martial Arts Fridays 4:00 - 5:00pm
By Donation Only
Classes are held at the Bellingham YWCA
1026 N. Forest, near the Community Food Co-op.
For more information, contact Dawn at
Bellingham is getting a bit of play on Seattle Announcements lately as they have a thriving community!  I want to share a fabulous opportunity with a Seattle tie to our own Bear Dyson.  For those of you that know Bear, you may also know her family member Dawn 'Touchant' who is offering a specialized Japanese style kickboxing that embraces many of the values that we appreciate at the GayZette.

Importantly, unlike some martial arts schools whose focus is different there is a no-pressure atmosphere that values the life experience and inherent worth of the alternative martial arts student: the older student, the disabled student, homeless or at-risk --students who might not ordinarily make their way to a martial arts class.
Dawn has created 'an association of students committed to developing the self, having a positive impact on the world as a whole, and enriching the martial arts by representing the strength, wisdom, and compassion that all people possess.'  She has a rich background that uniquely qualifies her to teach today although she considers herself a student and a lifelong learner.  She began with TaeKwonDo which she was honored to be taught by one of its original founders, Woo Jong Lim.  She continues to hone her attained advanced belt skills by teaching children's TaeKwonDo classes.

Dawn continued her love of martial arts and achieved her black belt rank in Muay Thai.  She gained experience in the ring by kickboxing Muay Thai with Team Confidence, a part of her Dojo.  Dawn is also familiar with the arts of Okinawan Karate and Krabi Krabong.

Dawn's love of martial arts combined with her experience teaching in and outside the US gives her an unique perspective.  She has a a Ph.D. in Anthropology and has taught at our own Western Washington University as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Anthropology and has lectured at the University of Tokyo.  She has traveled extensively and understands the American and Asian Cultures and blends this knowledge with grace, style and respect.

Please look at the class curriculum and check out her website for detailed information on what Sensei Dawn has to offer.
                      Basic class curriculum*

First 30 minutes:

Informal stretching
Line up and bow in – check in with students
Individual and partner exercises (3 two-minute rounds,1 minute breaks)
Footwork practice
Hand strike practice
Foot and leg strike practice

Second 30 minutes:

Fun drill
Light, slow sparring for those who wish, others may do conditioning (1 minute rounds, 1 minute breaks)
Push ups/sit ups, other conditioning drills
Line up/ Meditation
Bow out

*While all students will be encouraged to become stronger throughout their
training, any student that is fatigued or overwhelmed is encouraged to take
breaks as frequently as they need them.  It is important to listen to your body
in a sustainable approach to training.  Again, ANYONE is welcome, and all
activities can be modified for different abilities.


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Employment Opportunties - Camp Ten Trees

This may be a fantastic opportunity for one of our GayZette members as Camp Director with Camp Ten Trees!  Get out your resume and apply apply apply!  Or take a peek at the other ways you can be involved by sending your kid to this wonderful camp that supports children and youth of LGBTQ communities or by donating.  Also, remember their   'We've Got Friends 'Round Here' fabulous auction on Saturday, April 10th at 6pm at the Westin.  

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Camp Ten Trees is a nonprofit organization that creates a loving
and engaging youth camp environment for LGBTQ communities and
their allies.  The organization is rooted in the values of Courage,
Health, Inclusion, Play, Stewardship, Family, Acceptance, Integrity,
and Leadership as well as a Commitment to Social Justice.

Commitment to Social Justice:  Camp Ten Trees is committed to ending homophobia and gender variant phobia by addressing, through a Social Justice lens, the interconnected issues of oppression and privilege that foster inequality and thrive on keeping people divided.  Social Justice includes full and equal participation of all groups in our community, where individuals are safe, self-determining, and interdependent.  We hold each other accountable with regard to all issues of equality, accomplished through education and advocacy.  Social Justice is not an outcome, but an ongoing and evaluative process.

The Summer Camp Director's role is to uphold and implement Camp Ten Trees' mission, values, and commitment to social justice.  The Summer Camp Director is ultimately accountable for the safety, support, and well-being of the summer camp program community.  The successful candidate will have leadership experience at an organized camp or in a comparable setting.  The Summer Camp Director will possess superior management skills, be able to work independently and also lead a diverse volunteer team, and have a demonstrated understanding of the needs of LGBTQA youth and children from LGBTQ and non traditional families.

Program Director

Seasonal Position:  April 1 – September 30, 2010
Salary Range:  Depends On Qualifications – Applicants should include salary demand within cover letter.
Additional:  Room and Board during Volunteer Training (AUG 6-8) and Summer Camp Sessions (AUG 14-28)

1.Lead the selection and placement of all volunteer summer camp staff, with assistance from the Program Director as well as lead summer camp volunteers (i.e. Coordinators), once placed.

2.Plan and facilitate all volunteer summer staff trainings: Mandatory Staff Training August 6-8, 2010, on-site trainings, and other supplementary trainings.

3.Supervise and support volunteer summer camp staff in preparation for and during camp sessions, including the development of the Coordinator team and preparation with Medical, Mental Health, and Kitchen Leads.

4.Serve as the primary summer camp program administrator, except in the areas of processing camper registration fees and payment plans and scholarship requests and scholarships.

5.Assist the Program Director and Year-round Volunteers in building and sustaining networks through presence at outreach events and in the community.

6.Attend and report at meetings of the Board of Directors as a non-voting member, as needed.

7.Flexible hours are required, including some evening and weekend hours throughout employment period. Full-time residency is required for the following: Mandatory Staff Training: August 6-8, 2010; On-site Training: August 14, 2010; Session 1 – Children & Youth of LGBTQ and Non-traditional Families: August 15-21, 2010; Session II – LGBTQA Youth: August 22-28, 2010.

8.Maintain a minimum of 15 office hours weekly in the Seattle office, coordinating with the Program Director to accomplish shared tasks. Remaining weekly hours may be worked in or outside of the office.

9.Oversee on-site operations in accordance with American Camp Association (ACA) standards.

10.Coach staff and campers in emergency safety procedures. Create, monitor, update, and facilitate crisis management plan, including emergency procedures.

11.Directly supervise 5-7 lead volunteers (Coordinators) during summer camp program sessions.

12.Provide overall supervision, evaluation, and support; make disciplinary decisions regarding volunteer summer camp staff and campers as needed.

13.Communicate and work effectively with parents and guardians to address concerns, health and safety issues, behavioral challenges, special needs, and other questions.

14.Maintain high standards of health, safety, and security of campers and staff in accordance with Camp Ten Trees policies and procedures, the rental site, and ACA guidelines and policies.  Collaborate with those in the Coordinator of Health & Wellness, Lead Medical, and Lead Mental Health roles to implement a summer camp program health and wellness plan.

15.Manage camp budget, prepared by the Program Director, in accordance with the organization's policies.

16.Coordinate with Program Director to plan transport of all campers, supplies, and equipment to/from site.

17.Work cooperatively with the Site Manager to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the site and equipment.

18.Maintain, review, and file complete records of all summer camp program facilities, operations, volunteers, and campers.

19.Provide a post camp report to the Program Director and Board of Directors.

20.Other duties as assigned.

1.Bachelor's degree and/or appropriate certification with equivalent experience.

2.At least two years of supervisory experience in organized camping.

3.Completion of American Camp Association's Basic Camp Director training or the equivalent within the past three years.

4.Experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

5.Understanding of and commitment to organization's mission and values.

6.Understanding of and commitment to social justice.

7.Standard First Aid and CPR certification (can be attained within 30 days of hire).

8.Proficient with computer hardware and software including the Microsoft Office Suite.

9.Experience with QuickBooks preferred.

10.Able to lift 25 pounds and traverse quickly over uneven ground.

11.Must have a valid driver's license.

12.Must clear a federal background check.

Submit a cover letter and resume to:
no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Camp Ten Trees, SCD Hiring Committee, 1122 E Pike ST, #1488, Seattle, WA 98122
must ARRIVE no later 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17, 2010
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pac-Med Questions

If any of you have any experience with Pac-Med on Beacon Hill I would appreciate the following for one of our beloved GayZette members.  One of the great things about our community is our ability to share our experiences with each other.

  • If you have any experiences you are willing to share positive or negative you have had at Pac-Med.
  • Do you know of any LBT friendly practitioners?
  • Would you choose Pac-Med?
You can send me the information and I will forward it to our member.  If you are willing to have dialog about Pac-Med, I can connect you two also.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

You can email me from the Home Page of Seattle Announcements if you do not have my email address and I will email you back (you will then have my address again).  Thanks much!


Shanti Training - Saturday March 20th -

I am a huge fan of the work that Shanti does.  Many many years ago I used their services and was so glad that there was something as unique as Shanti available.  They provide one on one emotional support to folks and are still going strong!  My hope is that you don't need their services but am so pleased that they are available.  If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity -this is a rewarding one.

I was at an elder planning meeting the other day and ran into an long time friend and one of the original founders of Shanti.  I thought...out of her tremendous loss she helped create an organization that has helped so many people in their time of emotional need and also provide an opportunity for others to gain through giving of themselves.  A long overdue THANKS Karen.

Upcoming CareTeam Volunteer Training
Saturday March 20th
8:45 AM - 4:45 PM at Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Lunch is provided
Please contact Maria Brockus-Watson, Administrative Support
at (206) 324-2216, x239

Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning "inner peace".
Such peace can be cultivated through the authentic relationship that arises when compassion, intentionality, courage, and nonjudgment connect two people as equals.
Seattle Shanti, one of the first AIDS service organizations in Washington State, has served thousands of people with HIV/AIDS and their loved ones since 1983.  Shanti also serves people with life threatening illnesses and people in recovery from addiction.  Shanti's volunteer network and professional staff offer the following services:


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CSPC is back in biz, SEAF and ART

It is good news for CSPC as they have secured insurance after much hard work.  If you can show your support by attending a party this week, they are back to their normal schedule.  It is times like these that we realize how fortunate we are in Seattle to have such an unique place to play, attend workshops and make and visit with friends.  Keep up the good work!

There's still one week to submit your work to SEAF.   Call for Literary Art closes on Monday, March 15 (12 a.m. PT).

Visit for details on how to participate in this destination event.

Other deadlines:
April 4 - Festival Store submissions
April 4 - Short Erotic Film submissions
Thanks to SEAF for the updates.

This Thursday is Blitz, the art walk held on the second Thursday of every month on Capitol Hill from 5:00-8:00pm.   On Friday at Dunshee House they have GaYme nights and want to have women attend...check it out on the Seattle Announcements Calendar.

Remember this weekend is Daylight Savings Time!

That's it for now.


Butch/Transmasculine get together Sunday March 14th

Butch/transmasculine get-together
Joining other butches for coffee and some bonding/discussion time.
Sunday, March 14, 2010
11:00am - 1:00pm 
Kaladi Brothers Coffee 
511 East Pike Street  
Seattle, WA

Joe, has put this together and used to live in Seattle but has since moved to Portland.  Joe started the Butch Conference in Oakland last year.

On Seattle Announcements Calendar.


DiSH Sunday March 14th

The Vera Project
Warren Avenue North & Republican St
Seattle, WA 98109

Sunday, March 14.
Doors open at 7:30pm. Show starts at 8pm.
Where: The Vera Project. Seattle, WA.
Cost: $10 to $20, sliding scale.


DiSH! is THE fabulous must-see event of 2010. Welcome to the world of Queer, featuring drag kings, drag queens, burlesque, comedians, spoken word, musicians and a slideshow.
Performers Include:
Ilvs Strauss
Paris Original
Sister Babylon Anon
Angel Itenchi
Mark Finley
Sister VixXxen
Belinda Carroll
David Coppafeel
Sister Castaspella New
EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!
Pidgeon Von Tramp
Aleksa Manila with the Rhythm Knights
Miss Cherry Tart
Sister Daya Reckoning
MCs: Sister Daya Reckoning & Sister Alysa Trailer
DJ: Status Aparatus
And a Photographer to take some red carpet photos! So, dress snazzy.
Can’t Make It? DiSH! will be streamed LIVE right here!!
DiSH! is a benefit for the film ‘heart breaks open’ and Lifelong AIDS Alliance.
‘heart breaks open‘ is a feature film about Jesus, who finds his voice after being diagnosed as HIV+. Weaving tales of public health and community accountability, ‘heart breaks open‘ features the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and a cast of local queer actors. It is being filmed like a documentary. Actors improv scenes in real places while cameras (operated by award-winning documentary filmmakers) follow the action using a cinema verité style.
Lifelong AIDS Alliance is committed to preventing the spread of HIV, and to providing practical support services and advocating for those whose lives are affected by HIV and AIDS.
DiSH! is a fragrance-free event. Please avoid wearing your cologne and perfume tonight.
DiSH! will be filmed in its’ entirety as part of the film. Artists, performers and some of the audience may also appear in the final version of ‘heart breaks open.‘
DISH! is being organized by dual power productions, a media company in Seattle, Washington that produces films and books that strive to transform society.
Learn more about dual power productions at:
Thanks to Lifelong AIDS Alliance.
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Broadway Diva's - March 14 7pm - 9pm

Broadway Divas
March 14th
Full scale drag and performance show at 
Neighbours Nightclub 7pm-9pm.
1509 Broadway
Seattle, WA
Tickets are available via aftermarket tickets but art limited $8 per ticket.

On Seattle Announcements Calendar.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Seattle Gay Softball Sign up March 14th

Time for the jocks to be jocks and for the rest of us to watch.  Take a look at the website because this looks fun.  I have loved going to women softball games for years and watching the game, yes...ah the game intensely.  Ms T


Top Two ways to get involved:

    * Sign up on the New Player Matchmaker -- Just create a profile on the website
    * Come on out to a New Player Skills Assessment on Sun Mar 14 -- 11 a.m. -- Rainier Playfield -- 3700 S. Alaska St. -- Corner of Rainier Ave

Our league is open to anybody -- men, women, gay or straight. Players and teams are grouped by four different skill levels. There's a team for everybody.

Because existing teams are filling up fast, the league is forming a brand new D Division team intended for players new to the league. Come on out to the next Skills Assessment on March 14 to learn more information.

If your interest is playing in the Women's only league - they are a separate league and this is the link to their website: You can also email them at:

For more information, contact Commissioner Jeff Card at (Last updated: February 24).

The ECSA "Open League" is open to both gay and non-gay men and women. Playing levels range from advanced to beginner and cover four divisions (A, B, C & D). Division placement depends primarily on player ability and overall team ability.

The ECSA "Women's League" is open to women only and is also comprised of four divisions (A, B, C & D).

Every year the top teams in all divisions of both leagues win entry to the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series, which in 2009 will be held in Milwaukee, WI.


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