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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sharpen your Calendar Skills

This post will share how you can VERY SIMPLY copy and paste ONE code to access the Seattle Announcements Calendar from your own pc, your cell phone, any web browser at any time, as an addition to your own gmail or google calendar or via your RSS feed.  You will have access to a variety of over 700 either free, low cost, no cover, volunteer experiences to events and venues that offer exciting experiences that will only be made better by your participation.  WooHOO!!

I want to encourage you to utilize the Seattle Announcements Calendar. I am hoping that one of the events on the Seattle Announcements Calendar will entice you to leave your home and get out and about.   Maybe you don't feel you need to go out once you get home as it feels pretty darn good to relax after a long day working for the boss.

Think of this...perhaps there is someone else in the community that could benefit from seeing you on occasion.  I think of you all as gifts and I know that many of you feel the same way when you see a friend that you don't get to visit with as often any more.  I know that one of the things I treasure the most is my relationships with others.  I want you all to value your own worth to those around you.

If you are not looking at the calendar on a regular basis, you are missing out on some fabulous events and wonderful FUN FREE things that occur in our greater community.  I am committed to resourcing many free, low cost, by donation and volunteer opportunities for us to peruse.

What do knives have to do with the GayZette?   PLENTY!  For example, until the end of the month you can take 2 knives a day to your local Sur la Table and they will sharpen them for you for free.  Maybe you want to take a free meditation class on Mondays? Or you have always wanted to learn ASL (FREE on Tuesdays).  There is so much going on that I would be emailing you constantly to fill you in.   If you are out of work there are several resources available for support or classes and I am adding more things over the next 2 weeks so keep checking back.

I have made it as EASY as possible for you to have access to the calendar via a HTML link.  If you need a ICAL or XML link, email me and I will send it to you.  I want you to use it, enjoy it and send me any feedback. 

You can access the calendar in the following ways: (do copy and paste the links)

click on the icon and you can add it to your own calendars.  You will have to sign into your gmail/google account if you are not signed in.  You can select the Seattle Announcements Calendar to view it, and de-select it when finished viewing it.
  • You can save the calendar and view it in your RSS feed (I have to research this one. As with many things I am self taught and pass it onto you once I figure it out but you may already know). 

From the heart,


Cuff Wednesdays & Friday schedule

The Cuff continues to do a great job of hosting a variety of events for our community. They switch easily between two stepping to leather events and do not miss a beat! All puns intended. Ms T.

Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 Open dancing, a mix of couples and line
8:30-9 Line dance lessons (usually an intermediate/advanced or new dance)
9-10:30 Line dancing, plus a few couples dances when requested

Cuff Country Fridays
Every Friday @ The Cuff
Dance floor opens at 7:00
7:15-8:15 lesson
8:15-11:00 open dancing

Fri. April 23 - Hoedown weekend
Lesson: Int. 2-step & review of last week's line dances
Instructor: Jim
DJ: Terry

Fri. April 30
Lesson: "Mojo Rhythm" & "Rio"
Instructor: Christa
DJ: Jim


Emerald City Hoedown April 23rd - 25th

The Emerald City Hoedown is returning to the Cuff and is sure to be a great time.  I love that this event has an open policy that they do not turn people away for lack of ability to pay.  This organization has a ton of heart and take care of each other.  Ms T.

April 23–25, 2010
The Cuff Complex
More Information

Register Online via PayPal
Only $75

Featuring the Hoedown Ball on Saturday night at the Polish Hall ballroom, a large and beautiful dance floor.

Not registered for the entire weekend?  Just pay $20 at the door.  (No one will be turned away for lack of funds.)

Dance workshops are $10 each at the door.

Friday, April 23
3:00–3:50 pm     Cuff Complex

Line Dances: “As If” and “Toes” (Beginner-Plus)
Instructor: Christa Erwin (Rain Country)

4:00–4:50 pm     Cuff Complex     East Coast Swing (Basic-Plus)
Instructor: Terry Felts (Rain Country)
5:00–6:00 pm     Cuff Complex     Two-Step (Intro)
Instructor: Klint Kendrick (Rain Country)
6:00–7:15 pm     Cuff Complex     Open Dancing

Register via PayPal

Registration is only $75 and includes admission to all of the dance events and workshops.  Rain Country members save $5 off the registration price (processed as a refund).

If you already have a PayPal account, you can use your account balance to pay for your registration, and if you don’t have sufficient balance to cover the registration, you can augment that with your credit card or with an eCheck from your bank account.

If you do not have a PayPal account already (or you can’t remember your password), you can still use your credit card on the PayPal site; you will have to enter some additional info in the process.

Become a “Friend of Dorothy”
Give extra to the Emerald City Hoedown
$115 (includes hoedown t-shirt and other perks!)

Register for the 2010
Emerald City Hoedown
PLEASE NOTE: We need to have a signed waiver from you before you can attend the Emerald City Hoedown.  We will have a copy of the waiver with your name on it at Registration for you to sign when you check in.  Or if you prefer, you can download the Emerald City Hoedown registration form (Word) (PDF), fill it out and sign it, and mail it to the Rain Country address on the form.

Sorry, no refunds or cancellations!  Registrations may be transferred to other attendees.

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact us for more information about scholarships and volunteer opportunities.


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